Hello & warmest welcome to Banner Women! My name is Kristin & I am the dreamer behind this site. Banner Women began as a vision that I had many years ago. In my vision, I saw a war torn battlefield, soldiers wearied and haggard, swords hanging at their side, the dead lying in pools of blood and filth. The skies grey, the hope lost; I saw a young woman pick up a tattered old banner, its former glorious colours now faded and marred. Handling it with utmost respect and care, she mounted her horse and rode to the top of the hill, in plain sight of the enemy yet without fear, she began to ride and let the banner fly one last time. A suicide mission really, and yet a wondrous thing began to happen. As the banner was waved, the wearied soldiers saw their banner and remembered. Remembered who they were fighting for. Remembered that all was not lost, and that their King did yet live. The banner lifted up was the rallying force for these warriors, on the brink of giving up.

When I considered this stirring vision, I knew immediately that God had given it to me and that the banner represented our King, Jesus Christ. Dear readers, I know that we are in the earth’s last hour, I know that many Christians are wearied and on the brink of throwing it all in. I don’t always put stock in dreams and visions but I do know that God said in the book of Joel that He would pour out His spirit on all people in the last days, and that “Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” (Joel 2:28 NIV) and all I know is that upon receiving this vision, my heart’s prayer to God was “Let that be me. Let me fly the banner of the name of Christ to remind my fellow sisters and soldiers in Christ that our King does yet live!” Hope remains and it is in this final hour that we must strengthen ourselves for the battle! And in so saying, what you can expect from this blog? Just my thoughts, dreams, struggles and battles as I fight to stay radical for my King and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Thanks for joining me!